Mini-ITX weekly round-up – July 26/07

Here is a quick recap of the top stories that made headlines this week in the Mini-ITX world.

  1. HP has unveiled a new line of workstations, including a Mini-ITX tower. The new HP Small Form Factor PC, dubbed Z230 SFF, is 57% smaller compared to its ‘bigger’ cousin, and comes in a wide-range of tech specs. Details of release date have not been announced yet.
  2. V3 released its latest gaming rig – the V3 Gaming Devastator. As the name suggests, this small form-factor PC is aimed squarely at the gamers. Its draw-card – a 4th Gen Intel Core i5 processor and two Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 graphic cards. Its price – just over $2,400.
  3. And finally, to our feel-good story for the week. Geekroo, the Aussie Raspberry Pi fanatics, have reached their goal on Kickstarter to develop a Mini-ITX board that can house the RPi. Dubbed the “Fairywren”, the board is equipped with 4 USB ports, 24-pin ATX PSU, 2.5 inch HDD bay, a serial port, IR module and a GPIO breakout. You can see the Kickstarter project page here.

The crowdfunded NCASE M1 mini-ITX case

It’s nice to see the mini-ITX form factor growing in popularity. What’s even nicer to see is the dream of two mini-ITX enthusiasts coming true in regards to the perfect mini-ITX case. The NCASE M1 is just that – a dream design of two SFF fans coming to life thanks to indiegogo.

It’s quite heart warming to see the support the project has received on the crowdfunding site. The two designers raised nearly three times what they required, and are now moving into the final testing of their case. You can see the whole project unfolding right here via indiegogo, and below are some pics of the case.

Very, very nice.


Building a mini-ITX computer with

A while ago we posted a video of how to build a mini-ITX computer using part from our mini-box online store. We received some good, positive feedback on our video (people seem to hate boxes as much as we do), so we would like to share it here as well.

We hope the video helps you out.



Fractal Design Node 304 case review

We came across this video for the new Node 304 mini-ITX case from the people over at Fractal Design.

This case looks like a serious gaming or server case, and in terms of visual appeal, it’s quite striking to look at. With Sim City 2013 telling me my current machine might struggle a bit, this case looks pretty tempting as a potential gaming rig.



Pico PSU – the world’s smallest Power Supply Unit

Although it is a product that we stock in our store, this PSU is a big hit with us and our customers, so we thought it would be worthwhile sharing it with others as well.

The Pico-PSU was designed for those that need a noise-free, space saving power supply, without compromising on power and efficiency. The Pico-PSU has been a favourite with small form-factor enthusiasts for quite some time and its miniature, 100% silent, patented design is ideal for ultra compact PC’s as well as for standard ATX computers.

Basically, if you need a small power supply with a bit of a punch – this guy is it.


  • miniature size
  • 100% silent (no fans or moving parts)
  • low heat emission
  • high power efficiency
  • comes in 80, 90, 120, 150 and 160watts
  • 12V input

Pico PSU

The Pico-PSU range retails from $38 to $73 and is available exclusively in Australia from